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Simple Alternative to a radius contouring disk
This technique is one of the most helpful ideas I ever came across. I like to
experiment -- there is a lot of speculation about the how the top and back radius
contours can impact sound, durability etc. This is one of those ideas that is
exceptionally simple and the results are amazing.
All you need to do is place your
contoured brace on top a flat surface.
Get a stack of 3x5 cards. Hold the
brace down in the middle and slid the
cards under the brace fanning them
out as you work toward the ends.
Naturally, the pile will be thicker at the
ends!! Tape the row together and
mark the radius of the brace on the
stack. I use four stacks in my vacuum
press. The same procedure will work
for back bracing.
I have every radius you could want or need  ---- works any radius every time! In my
vacuum press the braces are pinched perfectly with equal glue squeeze all
around. I am sure that this will work well on a building board with cam clamps as
well as in a Go-Bar clamp